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Love and Relationship

I was hurt by someone I loved before. I thought he was the one. I thought he loves me. I thought he cares for me. But those were just a dream. I just thought about it. At first, I thought I will be able to make him head over heels in love with me. He just made me feel wanted and made me feel he cares because he wants something from me.

After a year in a relationship with him, he began to ignore me. No more meet ups, no more calls or text messages. That’s when I realized, I was never a whole package for someone like him. I wasn’t enough to make him stay. I was not her dream girl. I was just a toy for him. And #saying #goodbye and #sorry was never in his vocabulary…

He hurts me big time without saying goodbye and sorry. But I thank him for hurting me that I became a strong woman and that I found the right one for me. I found my husband who loves me more than forever.

My husband treated me as the most beautiful woman in the world. He always makes me happy, he gave me two beautiful daughters that I never thought I could have. He wants the best for us. When the time comes that I grow old and fat, he always assure me, I don’t need to worry, he will always love me no matter how size I am, no matter how I look. Sounds cheesy but it is true. I was then completely fallen in love with him. I am will surely be like that to him. I will make him feel that I am the right woman for him.

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