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The See Hear Challenge

I have read some post about the see and hear the challenge. I decided to join. Right at this moment, I see my kids were already sleeping. It’s 10:58 in the evening and I am still awake just browsing and trying to type for something to post.

I see my brother’s wedding photo in the wall of my sister’s room. Me and my kids went home at my parents yesterday afternoon. I miss my brother’s presence even if we’re not that close. He’s with his family in Italy.

I hear the sound of insects and the sounds of an electric fan that we are now using. There’s a barking dog outside and some tricycle still at the road.

Join the challenge now;) Link with me. Leave your link at the comment box. I want to hear from you.


4 Things to Always Remember When You Feel Alone

When my life gets dull, I feel so alone and stressed being a full-time mom, I always remember that I have a good life compare to others that is less fortunate. I don’t need to freak out, sulk in a corner and cry or waste my time thinking negative things. I have a family who’s always there to support me, I am blessed to have two beautiful daughters, I am lucky to be loved by my husband and get things that we need.

Life is tough, hard sometimes and full of surprises that sometimes we hardly thought to handle. Simply talk to God, He will always be there to comfort us. He will always be the number one that can understand.

Always remember simple thoughts of life, 4 Things to Always Remember When You Feel Alone:

1. You are loved – I am loved by God, my family, my kids, and the one who truly, madly, deeply in love with me, my ever dearest husband. He made me feel that love is unconditional.

2. You are beautiful – my husband always told me that I am beautiful. If I gain weight, gets a lot of stretch mark, gets wrinkles or lose a tooth, it doesn’t matter. He loves me and will always remind me that I am beautiful until I grow old.

3. You are important – I am important because I am a piece of the puzzle that will complete my family’s life. ¬†Without me, they won’t be happy.

4. You are worth it – motherhood is a tough job, but I prefer to be one. I decided to be a stay at home mom and take care of my kids so that I can watch them grow 24/7 and keep them safe all the time. That’s why I know I am worth it.

Stay positive no matter how hard life gets. Trust God and Have faith because He knows better.