Alpine indoor air purifiers – Solution to allergies, air pollution and odors in your house!

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Nowadays, no place is safe for everyone even at your humble abode. The main problem that we encounter in our daily lives is the air that we breathe, it is already polluted. The Air is very important for us to live. If that’s the case, we are in danger.

EnviroQuest International has just launched their newest and unique product line of Alpine indoor air purifiers, the brand that’s already well-known and quite popular domestically and worldwide! These high-tech filterless products cannot be purchased in any stores, and are a lot more effective than any filters or other brands of air purifiers available on the market today. NOTHING compares to our technology! Our company’s sole purpose is to help people breathe easier and alleviate a number of health-related challenges due to contaminated indoor air in homes, offices, and place of business. Since 80% of the population just in the USA alone suffers from allergies; asthma; chronic cold and flu, and other upper respiratory conditions, finding customers is quite easy. Frankly, everyone is a customer, because who wouldn’t want to breathe clean, the pollution-free air in their home or office?

Alpine Air Purifiers
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Love and Relationship

I was hurt by someone I loved before. I thought he was the one. I thought he loves me. I thought he cares for me. But those were just a dream. I just thought about it. At first, I thought I will be able to make him head over heels in love with me. He just made me feel wanted and made me feel he cares because he wants something from me.

After a year in a relationship with him, he began to ignore me. No more meet ups, no more calls or text messages. That’s when I realized, I was never a whole package for someone like him. I wasn’t enough to make him stay. I was not her dream girl. I was just a toy for him. And #saying #goodbye and #sorry was never in his vocabulary…

He hurts me big time without saying goodbye and sorry. But I thank him for hurting me that I became a strong woman and that I found the right one for me. I found my husband who loves me more than forever.

My husband treated me as the most beautiful woman in the world. He always makes me happy, he gave me two beautiful daughters that I never thought I could have. He wants the best for us. When the time comes that I grow old and fat, he always assure me, I don’t need to worry, he will always love me no matter how size I am, no matter how I look. Sounds cheesy but it is true. I was then completely fallen in love with him. I am will surely be like that to him. I will make him feel that I am the right woman for him.

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The See Hear Challenge

I have read some post about the see and hear the challenge. I decided to join. Right at this moment, I see my kids were already sleeping. It’s 10:58 in the evening and I am still awake just browsing and trying to type for something to post.

I see my brother’s wedding photo in the wall of my sister’s room. Me and my kids went home at my parents yesterday afternoon. I miss my brother’s presence even if we’re not that close. He’s with his family in Italy.

I hear the sound of insects and the sounds of an electric fan that we are now using. There’s a barking dog outside and some tricycle still at the road.

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Wedding Planning Strategies + The Newlywed Guide to a Happy Marriage EBOOK giveaway

Ever wonder if the wedding of your dreams is in your budget?

With only $2,000 to devote to their wedding budget, Tim and Lisa weren’t sure if they had enough money either.

But thanks to their wedding planning strategies they managed to plan their dream come true wedding and have a couple hundred dollars left over in their budget!

Everyone has their own wedding dreams. Read how Tim and Lisa’s wedding planning strategies can mke your dreams come true.

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4 Things to Always Remember When You Feel Alone

When my life gets dull, I feel so alone and stressed being a full-time mom, I always remember that I have a good life compare to others that is less fortunate. I don’t need to freak out, sulk in a corner and cry or waste my time thinking negative things. I have a family who’s always there to support me, I am blessed to have two beautiful daughters, I am lucky to be loved by my husband and get things that we need.

Life is tough, hard sometimes and full of surprises that sometimes we hardly thought to handle. Simply talk to God, He will always be there to comfort us. He will always be the number one that can understand.

Always remember simple thoughts of life, 4 Things to Always Remember When You Feel Alone:

1. You are loved – I am loved by God, my family, my kids, and the one who truly, madly, deeply in love with me, my ever dearest husband. He made me feel that love is unconditional.

2. You are beautiful – my husband always told me that I am beautiful. If I gain weight, gets a lot of stretch mark, gets wrinkles or lose a tooth, it doesn’t matter. He loves me and will always remind me that I am beautiful until I grow old.

3. You are important – I am important because I am a piece of the puzzle that will complete my family’s life.  Without me, they won’t be happy.

4. You are worth it – motherhood is a tough job, but I prefer to be one. I decided to be a stay at home mom and take care of my kids so that I can watch them grow 24/7 and keep them safe all the time. That’s why I know I am worth it.

Stay positive no matter how hard life gets. Trust God and Have faith because He knows better.

Check Your Grammar at Grammarly!

When I was a child, composing a sentence was hardly done. I admit that I am slow sometimes, I can’t easily understand what’s the meaning of the words or sentences especially when it is in idiomatic phrases or in deep words. I was a poor child, searching for meanings in everything. Since our life was difficult then, I did not have my own dictionary. I just asked my classmates if I can borrow their dictionary and bring it back the next day. That way, I took all the time to search for some words I did not understand and see the meanings. There’re improvements whenever I study and keep things in mind. If ever I am not sure of my grammar, I used to ask someone to check my words. Someone that I knew knows better than me. Someone like teachers or a smart classmate of mine that excel more in English subject. That was all before I was still studying.

Today, in this new generation, we all knew that everyone has gadgets even at a very young age of two can now use gadgets. We are now in high technology. Innovations are continues to meet the market needs. It can be products, services, and more technologies. Everyone with gadgets can now search online when there’s WiFi (wireless local area network) at the place or broadband connection/home connection, office connection or wherever. It’s a good thing that you can now also check grammar online, whenever you are doing a project, essays, diary, blog entry, writing articles or writing a letter. No, hassle. Convenient. No worries. Just type and click then see the result. Easy-peasy!

Grammarly is now the online buddy for correcting grammar errors. It is an application that you can download for free and upgrade for more features that can help you do the best content. It will help you enhance your writing skills more helpful for those trying hard like me. It will also help to stop plagiarism. No one has the right to steal someone’s original work – ideas, expressions, and presentations.

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Your Wedding Budget: Five Steps to a Debt-Free, Dream Wedding

Your Wedding Budget: Five Steps to a Debt-Free, Dream Wedding

By Tim and Lisa Spooner

When we got engaged, we weren’t sure how we would afford our dream wedding. We had little in savings, a growing education loan, and no expectation of a handout from our parents who also had tight finances.

These five simple steps were key to our success in planning our dream wedding for just $2,000 in a community where couples spend on average over $24,000 on their weddings.

1. The Rules of the Game

We all love the challenge of an exciting game. The goal is always the same: To Win!

By understanding the rules of the game and applying our creative thinking and other skills, we can achieve victory.

The same is true of budgeting for a wedding. Fortunately, the rules are simple:

Find out how much you can afford to spend on your wedding. Plan your dream wedding, but don’t spend more than you can afford.

In our case, we were big winners. We played by the rules, which said not to spend more than $2,000 to plan our dream wedding.
Smart strategies led to a triumphant wedding day full of surreal beauty and the freedom of knowing that we were starting our married life without a penny of wedding debt.

2. Know How Much You Can Afford to Spend

To know how much you can spend, you should take a look at how much you both have in your savings accounts. Also, find out how much your parents can contribute to your wedding planning.

Consider how much you make each month. Also calculate your monthly expenses. You should also think about what your income and expenses will be once you are married.

The first few years of married life tend to be full of financial obstacles for most couples. So, you don’t want to add the heavy burden of wedding debt to your new life together. You may even want to have some extra money in savings to help your new life together get off on the right foot.

Also, consider how much money you will want to keep aside for your honeymoon.

3. Discover Your Magic Number

As you consider how much you can afford to spend, you will become more and more comfortable with spending a particular amount of money on your wedding. We were comfortable with spending $2,000 on our wedding. This was our magic number.

What is your magic number? Is it $10,000? …$5,000? …$500?

Do not be afraid of the number you discover. You will be surprised at how a bit of smart planning can make your dream wedding possible even though you can only spend a small amount of money.

Thousands of couples have been downloading our guide “Wedding Planning on a Budget” to discover tried and true strategies for planning their dream weddings at a price they can afford. Like them, you can follow
winning strategies to plan your dream wedding at a price you can afford.

The amount that you decide you can afford to spend on your wedding is your total wedding budget allowance.

4. Anticipate Where the Money Should Go

The best way to make sure that every part of your wedding is paid for without spending more than your wedding budget allows, is to assign portions of your allowance to different parts of your wedding. You can, for example, assign 50% of your total wedding budget allowance to your wedding reception, 10% to your wedding dress and other attire, and so on.

Wedding Planning on a Budget

Once you know how much you plan to spend on your reception, you can divide that money between the various components of the reception such as Room/Hall Fees, Tables and Chairs, Food, Drinks, Cake, Linens, Service Fees, Staff and Gratuities, Rentals, etc. Of course, you only have to apply money to the components you plan to include in your wedding.

You can use our free wedding budget spreadsheet that calculates all of these percentages for you and keeps track of all your planned spending and actual spending to help you stay on target. Our wedding budget planner is available at Wedding Planning on a Budget

5. Making Your Budget Do the Work for You

Now that you know how much you plan to spend on each item of your wedding, you can begin using some winning strategies and creative planning to acquire each item or service at the price your budget says you can afford to pay.

Before making any wedding purchase, first consult your budget to find out how much you can afford to pay. After the purchase has been made, record the actual cost of the purchase in your wedding budget.

If the actual price paid is less than what you had planned for, then you can afford to spend that much more on another item found on your wedding budget spreadsheet. If, however, you paid more than what you had planned for, then you must reduce what you can plan on spending for other items on your wedding budget.

In other words, the amount you actually pay for each item can be adjusted but make sure that all of the items end up totaling no more than your total wedding budget allowance.

You now know the rules of the game and how the game is played. With smart planning and by following some
proven strategies you can, like us, achieve the wedding of your dreams at a price you can comfortably afford. We wish you a very happy wedding planning experience and a beautiful, dream come true wedding day.

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Download “Wedding Planning on a Budget” to discover how Tim, Lisa, and other
couples have been saving thousands upon thousands of dollars on their dream weddings!

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