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Personalized Love Coupons

Your time and energy are the best gift you could give someone. Put your promises in your own book of love coupons with

LoveCoups can be shipped anywhere in the world, including the US, Europe and Australia. Give them love coupons that offer a back massage, romantic dinner or even a tropical vacation! LoveCoups allows you to create your own characters and automatically populate the book with your personalized characters. Seeing your characters on each page make this one of the most unique gifts you could ever give. Select from over 200 different love coupons. We’re constantly adding new content so no two books are ever the same. also allows you to edit your text to say exactly what you want for your love coupon.. LoveCoups can be the perfect gift for any occasion including Anniversaries gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, or just because! Whether it’s for a gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, grandparent or friend, imagine the look on their face when they see themselves in a personalized gift.

LoveCoups are the only personalized gifts that give your time and energy. Each love coupon lists a single task, favor, IOU, promise for the person you love. Our LoveCoups Book Builder allows you to select from hundreds of coupons for just about any relationship. LoveCoups users get to create their own characters using our LoveCoups Character Builder. The characters that star in the book will then be dynamically built into each page to show you the ultimate in customization. You can select their cover images and edit the text. Once your cover is complete, you can then start adding pages. Our LoveCoups Categories will help you get started. Select pages such as: “I’ll take you on a romantic dinner date.”, “I will take you on a shopping spree.” or “Let’s have a quickie!”. You can then use our LoveCoups Editor to adjust the text to read exactly how you want it to. Then just preview your book to see exactly how your book will be printed.


Publish your own personalized gift of love with, the love and relationship experts. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day and everything in between.


The SLAP is a satin-lined cap, new way to protect your hair!

Welcome to the new way to protect your hair! From when you wake you, to getting a great night sleep, our satin-lined caps protect your hair from the tangles, frizziness, and dryness that make it unmanageable.

Not just a beanie, but also not just a bonnet. The SLAP by Grace Eleyae, Inc is a satin-lined cap that has the hair protective benefits of a satin bonnet or scarf, but the style of a beanie.

It’s stylish enough to wear out, comfortable enough to wear to bed, and protective enough to keep your hair from breakage. Buy yours today!